Welcome to Mirus Energy

the future of energy storage


Our team has developed a unique, hybrid technology that throttles the run time, service life, and efficiency of existing compressed air energy storage (CAES) technology.


Our clean technology is 100% green. That means no fossil fuels, toxic chemicals, or harmful emissions.


Our proprietary technology can store energy from any electricity-generating source, including: solar, wind, geothermal, hydropower, biofuels, and more.

Ultra-Low Cost

Our team has designed and patented an ultra-low cost, ultra-high efficiency system using off-the-shelf components.

Our Vision And Mission

At Mirus Energy, our approach is to solve the world's most challenging energy storage problems with the power of mens et manus -- Latin for mind and hand. Our mens et manus motto encompasses our belief in the combination of bright minds, hard work, and action to provide a greener and cleaner energy future by developing a cost-effective, highly-efficient, and highly-scalable technology.

The Mirus Solution

Low cost, high efficiency, highly-scalable energy storage that combines and optimizes two mature technologies in a novel manner.

Unrivaled Performance & Compelling Value

Extended discharge duration of 6 hours, a 30 year service life, low operating costs, and a round-trip efficiency of over 70%. Our products have a high power output of 100 kW and up.

Innovative Leadership

Distinguished engineering and technology expertise, our team has a proven start-up growth strategy and extensive renewable energy credentials. We have the skills and passion to make CAES a viable and competitive energy storage option.

Our Edge

Patent-protected thermal energy storage designed to be less than $9/kWH, outpacing the DOE goal of $15/kWH 2020.


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